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IIT JAM MATHS is jointly conducted by IITs and IISc for admission into their two year M.Sc maths,Integrated M.Sc PhD,M.Sc-PhD dual degree and joint M.Sc PhD degree courses.Off late IIT JAM MATHS score has benchmark for admission into other colleges and universities like IISERs,NITs etc.TRAJECTORY EDUCATION has developed a comprehensive integrated classroom course for training students for IIT JAM and other M.Sc entrance exams like ISI,TIFR,CMI,BHU,DU etc.This online course has following components:

  • VIDEO LECTURES: The students enrolled in this course are provided recorded video lectures covering all the topics in IIT JAM MATHS Syllabus.These video lectures have been recorded by highly experienced and competent faculties.The video lectures has in depth coverage of every topic,These recorded lectures go a long way in helping students in revision and is a boon for those who miss nt of the classroom lectures due to any reasons.The students who are more sincere can cover the syllabus faster than others.They need not wait for the topic to be covered in the class or at least they can come prepared with the topic in the class beforehand.The total duration of video lectures for IIT JAM MATHS is approximately 80 hours.
  • STUDY MATERIALS:The students are provided books published by SAMVEDNA PUBLICATION.The study material comprises of 8 such books:
These books have been written in JAM PERSPECTIVE and hence forms complete study materials.The book titled "IIT JAM MATHS" contains all the solved previous years papers of not only IIT JAM MATHS but all other M.Sc entrance exams.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TEST SERIES:The students while trained for IIT JAM are put to rigorous tests series. The tests are classified into three categories.
  1. CHAPTER WISE TEST:We believe in continuous evaluation of students.Once a topic is taught in class, and they have sufficient practice from SAMVEDNA books provided by institute,they are asked for giving test of that particular topic.So,we have test for every topic covered in class.There are approximately 200 such tests,roughly 30 on each sections. These are small tests comprising of 10 questions and of 30 to 45 min duration. These are available online and students can give these tests online through our website or TRAJECTORY mobile app.
  2. SECTIONAL TEST: The IIT JAM MATHS Syllabus comprises of seven sections- Integral Calculus,Vector Calculus,Differential Calculus,Differential equations,Group Theory,Linear Algebra and Real Analysis.After completing each section, sectional test is scheduled and these test can be given in online as well as offline mode though we persuade students to go for online mode as IIT JAM is conducted online and there is lot of difference in environment of online and offline test.In all there will be seven sectional tests strictly based on IIT JAM Pattern.
  3. FULL LENGTH MOCK TEST:After completing the whole syllabus and giving all the chapter wise tests and all the sectional tests,now its time to break the fort.To prepare for that we have full length mock test on complete syllabus and strictly based on IIT JAM pattern.We have five full length mock test under this course.These tests can be given online or offline mode.
  • DOUBT CLEARANCE:The students can clear any doubt in the class or after the class.There are doubts which requires special attention they they can meet the faculties with prior appointment.
  • DISCUSSION FORUM: Students have access to discussion forum on our website www.trajectoyrducation.com where they can have academic discussion with other students.
  • NOTIFICATION: The students are kept updated about information regarding relevant entrance exams through our website or mobile app.
  • Course Fee: The total course fee is rupees 12500/- including service tax. The payment can be made in cash/cheque/draft.The draft or cheque has to be made in favor of
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The online course for IIT JAM PHYSICS consists of:

  • Video Lectures: Apart from classroom lectures,the enrolled students are also provided video lectures comprising of whole syllabus.The total duration of video lectures is approximately 140 hours and cover every bit of IIT JAM syllabus comprehensively.The video lectures can be played on single device( laptop,desktop or mobile). It comes with unlimited time validity and one year support.

  • Study Materials: The students are provided study materials in the form of SAMVEDNA Books.These books are published by SAMVEDNA PUBLICATION and authored by TE faculties.The books have been written keeping in mind the need of IIT JAM aspirants and complete in themselves.Following books are provided to students under this course

  • Test Series: The students are put to comprehensive test series for their time to time evaluation and improving their performance in exams.The tests comprises of three kinds:
  1. Topic-wise tests: These are small learning tests comprising of 30 minutes or 45 minutes.Each tests consists of 10 questions which can be given on our websites or our mobile app.The grades are assigned for each test.These tests are approximately 200 in number.
  2. Sectional Tests: There are 7 sections in IIT JAM Syllabus.On each section,the students have to give Sectional test.These test are conducted online as well as offline.These tests are strictly on existing IIT JAM Pattern.
  3. Full Length Mock Tests: After completing the whole syllabus,there are 5 full length tests on complete syllabus.These tests are also conducted online as well as offline. 

  • Discussion Forums: Students are given access to Discussion Forum where they can have academic discussion among their peer groups.Our faculties are also active on the discussion forums and can have constructive intervention in the discussions

  • Notification: The students are notified regarding the different entrance exams through our notice boards,websites and TE mobile apps.They are also assisted if they find any difficulties while filling the forms

  • Course Fee: The total course fee is rupees 12500/- including service tax. The payment can be made in cash/cheque/draft.The draft or cheque has to be made in favor of

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This course consists of video lectures covering the entire syllabus of CBSE Board class 11 syllabus.The duration of video lectures is almost 52 hours.These lectures have been delivered by Mr Charanjeet Arora who has more than 30 years of experience of teaching mathematics at various levels.

Course Fee: 5000

IIT JEE is conducted in two parts

    This is conducted by the JEE Apex Board for admission to Undergraduate Engineering Programmes in NITs, IIITs and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions etc.
    The States of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Nagaland & Odisha have
    joined JEE (Main) system. Therefore, the candidates seeking admission to the institutions in these states, which were earlier admitting based on their State level examination, are also advised to fill in the JEE (Main). The JEE (Main) will also be an eligibility test for the JEE (Advanced), which the candidate has to take if he/she is aspiring for admission to the undergraduate programmes offered by the IITs.

       This is conducted jointly by IITs usually on third Sunday of May for admission into all  IITs.The candidates must qualify JEE MAIN in order to appear for this exam.

TRAJECTORY EDUCATION has launched ONLINE COURSE for IIT JEE Physics.The online course consists of following

  • VIDEO LECTURES: The students enrolled in this course are provided video lectures covering all the topics of the syllabus comprehensively.The video lectures just gives you feel as if you are in classroom.The approximate duration of video lectures is 150 hours covering both JEE MAIN AND ADVANCED.The videos will also go a long way in ensuring that you secure good marks in your board exams.The video lectures are encrypted and can be played on the desktop/laptop/android phone/iphone. The license is provided for single device with unlimited validity and one year support.The video lectures will be given to students in pendrives which can be further transferred into harddisk of laptop/mobile.
  • e-BOOKS: There are 20 e-books in this course covering every bit of syllabus.These books will be available online and can be accessed through TE online platform or mobile app for which login will be provided to enrolled students.
  • ONLINE TEST: Online test is integral part of this course.We believe in continuous evaluation of your preparation and our test series is tuned to this purpose.There are three types of tests.
  1. Chapter wise unit tests: There are tests on each chapter.After you complete each chapter,you can go for these tests to evaluate your learning.
  2. Sectional Mock Tests: After you one section like mechanics, you can go for sectional test which will be based on exam pattern.There will be two mock test on each section- one based on JEE MAIN and other based on JEE ADVANCED pattern.
  3. Full Length Mock Tests: All you complete the whole syllabus you can go for full length mock tests.There will be five such tests.
  • LIVE PERSONAL SESSION: The enrolled students are given online live session with our esteemed faculties where students can clear their doubts.Students have to submit their doubts by mail/message  to the counselor. The live session would be arranged within 2-3 working days.The total duration of live doubt session is 10 hours. The students can buy additions hours if required from our online platform.
  • DISCUSSION FORUMS: There are discussion forums on TE online platform.The students can put their doubts on these forums.These doubts will be discussed by other students and TE faculties who are active on these forums.
  • EXAMS NOTIFICATION: The students will be updated regarding admission notifications of different institutes and colleges.
  • COURSE FEE: The course fee is Rs:12500/- including all taxes.The fee can be paid in cash/cheque/cards/dd/online payment gateway. You can this course online from our e-commerce website www.shopsingh.com or by clicking following link.

Online Laptop repairing Course authored by  CHIPTRONIKS , the premier Repairing Research Centre. This online course covers repairing both at card level, chip level & signal level with videos having both practical as well as theoritcal aspects and all training videos of all repairing equipments. we serve to bridge the gap of communication by having forum discussion.