For the first time in India,TRAJECTORY EDUCATION has launched an ONLINE COURSE for Class 11 as per CBSE Curriculum.The e-course developed by TE is complete course in itself and not supplementary to classroom course.It is comprehensive course and covers every bit of syllabus in great details.The online course consists of following components:
  • Live Classes: Once the students enrolls in this course,they are provided video lectures of the complete syllabus of  different.The video lectures simulates the classroom teaching.Watching these videos gives the students feel of a actual classroom.These do not contain any slide shows or animations.TRAJECTORY EDUCATION believes in Chankya-Chandragupta style of teaching. The videos does not talk about tricks and tips,it talks Mathematics and that is the only way to ensure good marks. The approximate duration of video lectures is approximately 60 hours which is equivalent to 100 hours of classroom lectures because we do not record the writing of questions by TE teacher.Also,the teacher does not repeats the concepts twice or thrice as done in classroom.The students can rewind the videos any number of times if needed.The students are provided the video files through DVDs. Once the student receives these files,these can be saved in hard-disks of desktop/laptop/mobiles etc. The video files are encrypted and can be played only on a single device for which password will be provided by the institute to the enrolled students.
  • e-Books: The course includes 13 e-Books on various topics. These e-books are downloadable pdf files and can be accessed from our online portal or  TE mobile app. The e-books covers the whole syllabus in good details.
  • Online Tests: TRAJECTORY EDUCATION believes in continuous evaluation of the students.For this purpose,we have included a comprehensive test series.The enrolled students are given login on our website The same login credentials will work for TRAJECTORY EDUCATION Mobile app also.The students can use these platforms for giving online tests.
  • Discussion Forums:Students are given access to the discussion forum where they can put their doubts and have an academic discussion with other students.Our faculties are also active on these forums.
  • Notification: The students are constantly updated regarding the forms of different entrance exams available from time to time through our website and mobile app
    • Course Fee: The total course fee is rupees 1500 /subject/month payable quarterly . The payment can be made in cash/cheque/draft.The draft or cheque has to be made in favor of

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Last modified: Sunday, 19 April 2020, 7:02 PM