counselling for IIT JAM PH-2014

counselling for IIT JAM PH-2014

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Dear students,i am vishal deoarshi senior faculty at TRAJECTORY EDUCATION.Congrats to those who have qualified the exam. Now you have to go for online counselling.IITs have significantly improved theircounselling portal this year. Many students are call to know the preference order of the difference courses in which they are elligible. The courses for which you are elligible are decided by the yes/no questionnaire filled by you. I will tell you the preference order according to me.

1 1202 IIT BOMBAY M.Sc 2 year  Applied Geophysics  
2 1104 IISC BANGALORE  Integrated Ph.D.*  Physical Sciences   
3 1503 IIT KANPUR M.Sc 2 year  Physics  
4 1207 IIT BOMBAY M.Sc 2 year Physics  
5 1303 IIT DELHI  M.Sc 2 year Physics  
6 1703 IIT MADRAS M.Sc 2 year Physics  
7 1505 IIT KANPUR M.Sc.-Ph.D.(Dual Degree)*  Physics  
8 1215 IIT BOMBAY M.Sc.-Ph.D.(Dual Degree)* Physics  
9 1604 IIT KHARAGPUR Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D. Physics  
10 1806 IIT ROORKEE M.Sc 2 year Physics  
11 1403 IIT GUWAHATI M.Sc 2 year Physics  
12 1216 IIT BOMBAY M.Sc-M.Tech  M.Sc(Phy) MTech(MSE)  
13 2302 IISER PUNE Integrated Ph.D.* Physical Sciences   
14 1212 IIT BOMBAY M.Sc.-Ph.D.(Dual Degree)* Energy  
15 1213 IIT BOMBAY M.Sc.-Ph.D.(Dual Degree)*

Environmental Sci.&Engg.

16 2103 IIT HYDERABAD M.Sc 2 year Physics  
17 1903 IIT BHUBANESWAR Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D. Physics  
18 2202 IIT INDORE  M.Sc 2 year Physics  
19 2003 IIT GANDHINAGAR M.Sc 2 year Physics  

Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D.

Atmosphere and Ocean 
21 1102 IISC BANGALORE  Integrated Ph.D.*  Chemical Sciences   
22 1101 IISC BANGALORE  Integrated Ph.D.* Biological Sciences  
23 2405 NIT ROURKELA  M.Sc 2 year Physics  
  • Plz fill all the choices
  • If you are not interested in Geophysics then give it the last preference.
  • You cant leave after M.Sc in case of dual degree or integrated Ph.D courses
  • There is exit option after M.Sc in joint M.Sc- Ph.D courses
  • If you are less interested In Ph.D courses give it higher preference and vice versa
  • Some of you may have the place preferences in that case you can set the preference order accordingly