Week Name Description
File Syllabus of IIT JEE Main
GENERAL File Mathematics in Physics
File Unit,Dimensions and Measurement
MECHANICS File Motion in One Dimension
File Motion in Two Dimensions
File Newton Law of Motion
File Friction
File Work, Power and Energy
File Gravitation
File Rigid Body Dynamics
File Surface Tension
File Fluid Mechanics
File Elastic Properties of Matter
File Simple Harmonic Motion
File Wave Motion
File Current Electricity
File Heating and Chemical Effect of Current
File Magnetic Effect of Current
File Magnetism
File Electromagnetic Induction
File Alternating Current
File Electromagnetic Waves
MODERN PHYSICS File Electron,Photon and X-Rays
File Atomic Structure
File Nuclear Physics
File Solid State Physics and Semiconductors
File Digital and Valve Electronics
OPTICS File Reflection of Light
File Refraction of Light
File Optical Instruments
File Wave Optics
File Photometry
THERMAL PHYSICS File Thermal Expansion, Thermometry and Calometry
File Thermodynamic Processes
File Transmission of Heat
File Kinetic Theory of Gases