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by kavya Sri - Friday, 13 April 2018, 9:27 PM
Anyone in the world
  • Link building in Guest Blogs: It seems that marketing people love to write weird words in English, but Guest Blogs are just pages that support posts from third-party collaborators. That is, the strategy is to select some blogs that allow us to share our content with them and make a proposal. For this, we must choose websites related in some way to our sector, so that we can publish something interesting for its readers.
  • Thanks to this, not only will we be able to place quality links that Google will consider valid, but it will also allow us to become known and become a new source of traffic for our own page or blog. It is a very interesting strategy for both us and the Guest Blog, since he manages to diversify his content and collaborators, and us traffic and positioning. Theidea is quite similar to that of the influencers : get a blogger with a lot of traffic to mention our brand, product or service, and link to our website.
If you are looking for high submission sites, there are some free high PR internet listing submission websites that would send articles and hyperlinks for free. But some would take time as it might require the approval of the Website administrator. So Go through from these sites it will be more helpful.

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