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by Davis Johnson - Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 1:37 PM
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You can calculate a P value in Microsoft Excel by using the T-Test function or the Data Analysis Tool. You can use Microsoft Excel 2010 for this procedure, and these steps are also the same for the newer versions. If you want to find a P value with Excel, then go through the instructions mentioned below.

Here’s How to Find a P-Value with Excel

•    T-Test Function

1.    Start creating and filling the table.

2.    Press on the Cell located on the outer of the table.

3.    Enter: =T.Test( in the table.

4.    Once you have opened the bracket, enter in the first column.

5.    Make sure that the range is in B2:B6.

6.    The function resembles a  T.Test(B2:B6.

7.    Now, move to the second column.

8.    The range of the second column should be C2:C6.

9.    Start adding it into the formula: T.Test(B2:B6,C2:C6.

10.    Enter in the comma once the second column start showing in the pull-down list.

11.    Select the first one and click twice on it.

12.    Enter any other comma.

13.    Click twice on the Paired button located in the pull-down list.

14.    After getting all the elements of which you have a requirement, exit the bracket.

15.    The formula resembles a T.Test(B2:B6,C2:C6,1,1)

16.    After that, click on the Enter option.

17.    Now, the cell starts showing the p-value instantly on Microsoft Excel.

18.    In case you choose the p-value greater than 5%, then it will not offer strong evidence.

•    Data Analysis Tool

1.    In the D section, you will get the weight differences.

2.    But you need to skip the difference calculation.

3.    For the further tables, start using the given formula: =”Cell 1”-“Cell 2”.

4.    After that, press on the Data option located in the Main window.

5.    Choose the Data Analysis tool.

6.    Go down to the menu list.

7.    Press on the t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means button.

8.    Press on the Ok option.

9.    Now, you will get the context menu on the screen.

10.    Type the first range just like B3:7.

11.    Type the second range just like C3:C7.

12.    You don’t have to do anything with the default value.

13.    Press on the Output Range radio option.

14.    Select where you wish to show the result.

15.    In case it is A6 cell, then enter $A$6.

16.    Press on the Ok button.

Here are some of the most important things that you should remember

•    In case the p-value in Microsoft Excel is equal to 0.05, then the data located in the table is significant.

•    In case the p-value in Excel is less than 0.05, then the data provided in the table is insignificant.

•    In case the range is between 0.05 and 0.10, then the data is a little bit significant.

•    Start changing the alpha value by using the options 0.05 and 0.10.

•    If you select two-tailed testing, then this will be a great choice.

•    The p-value is not able to find the variables.

Davis Johnson is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as



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    Instagram is a popular social media tool but it comes with certain flaws. Most of the people find it frustrating that this social network does not allow its users to edit a photo after posting. Follow some easy steps mentioned below to edit a filter after posting it on Instagram.

    Here’s How to Edit a Filter After Posting in Instagram

    •  Adding or Editing the Location

    1.    Open Instagram on your iPhone or Android.

    2.    Go to the profile.

    3.    Find the post which you want to start editing on your Instagram account.

    4.    After getting it, press on the three vertical dots symbol in case you are using Android.

    5.    Otherwise, press on the three horizontal dots icon if you are using an iPhone.

    6.    Press on the Edit option.

    7.    Press on the Add Location option in case you don’t remember to add any location while uploading the photo.

    8.    Type the location.

    9.    Press on the Done option in case you are using iPhone,

    10.    Press on the checkmark if you are using an Android device.

    11.     In case you wish to edit the location which you already have entered, then press on the Change or Remove location option if you are an iPhone user.

    12.    Press on the Find a Location option in case you are Android user.

    13.    Once you have selected any location, press on the Done button if you are an iPhone user.

    14.    Press on the Checkmark option if you are an Android user.

    •  Editing a Caption

    1.    Open the Instagram account.

    2.    Go to the Instagram profile.

    3.    Search for the post you wish to edit.

    4.    If you are an Android user, press on the three vertical dots icon.

    5.    In case you are an iPhone user, then click on the three horizontal dots symbol.

    6.    Press on the Edit option.

    7.    After correcting the caption on your Instagram post, press on the Done option if you are an iPhone user.

    8.    Otherwise, press on the checkmark option if you are an Android user.

    • Deleting and Uploading the Instagram Post

    1.    Go to the Instagram application, which is already installed on your iPhone or Android.

    2.    Open the Instagram profile.

    3.    Search for the Instagram post which you want to remove.

    4.    After that, press on the three vertical dots symbols in your Android device.

    5.    Press on the three horizontal dots symbol in your iPhone.

    6.    Press on the Delete option.

    7.    Click once again to verify your selected option.

    • Archive an Instagram Post

    1.    Go to the Instagram application.

    2.    Open the Instagram profile.

    3.    Search for the post you have posted on your Instagram account.

    4.    After that, press on that post to archive it on your Instagram account.

    5.    If you are an Android user, press on the three vertical dots symbol.

    6.    In case you are an iPhone user, press on the three horizontal dots symbol.

    7.    Press on the Archive option

    Davis Johnson is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


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      by Michael Smith - Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 10:34 AM
      Anyone in the world

      I really happy found this website eventually. Really informative and inoperative, Thanks for the post and effort! Please keep sharing more such blog.


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        by Online Pharmacy - Monday, 8 July 2019, 5:55 PM
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        Buy Soma Online Overnight for Curing Connective Tissue Disease (CTD)

        There are many kinds of connective tissue disease. However, the two main categories include those, which are inherited, generally due to single gene flaw known as a mutation. On the other hand, second category comprises those where connective tissue gets attacked by antibodies. This condition causes pain, swelling and redness. If patients want to cure different types of CTD in an ideal way, they should Buy Soma Online Overnight from a reliable online medical shop. The medicine, which is also called Carisoprodol, is a skeletal muscle relaxant producing all the healing effects linked with barbiturates. It is a potent prodrug used to relax strained muscles, tissues, and help relieve pain.


        Different Types of CTD

        Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: It is a disease, which is characterized by inflammation and swelling of the internal organs, skin and joints. Some of the symptoms may include: problems with concentration and memory or nervous system disorders, anemia or other types of blood cell problems, kidney problems, fluid around the lungs or heart, hair loss, mouth ulcers, sensitivity to light, and butterfly-shaped rash appearing on the bridge of nose and cheeks.

        Sjogren’s Syndrome: It is a chronic ailment, wherein immune system in the body targets moisture-producing glands like those of the mouth and eyes. The effects could range from moderately uncomfortable to debilitating. Though, dry mouth and eyes are major symptoms of Sjogren’s, several individuals also experience extreme joint pain and fatigue. The disease also increases the danger of lymphoma and might cause problems with digestive system, blood vessels, lungs, kidneys along with nerve problems.

        To manage the symptoms of sjogren’s syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus, Buy Soma Online Next Day Delivery from a trusted e-pharmacy store. The doses should be taken many times in a day as recommended by a medico. Preferably, you should take the prescribed dosages with food or milk as it could cause upset stomach. It gets absorbed in the body and begins to show its effects after 25 to 30 minutes. Normally, the drug’s effects actually last for 5 to 6 hours.

        Vasculitis: It is a general medical word for more than 25 different conditions, which are characterized by inflammation and swelling of blood vessels. These could affect flow of blood to body tissues and organs. Vasculitis could involve any blood vessels. Buy Soma 500mg Online if patients want to cope with various forms of CTD once their individual symptoms and level of pain have been examined by a doctor.    


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          As with any other type of writing, this essay should consist of three main parts, namely an introduction, a body and a conclusion. If you omit any of them, it will lead to a failed self-reflective essay. Here are some tips, which everyone will find useful when writing a self-reflective essay.

          Why Is the Essay Introduction Important?

          If you wish to create a superb self-reflective essay, this part will set the foundation for your paper. A self-reflective essay is written to convey author’s personal attitude towards a specific issue. It may be used to reflect personal opinion concerning a newly read book or a recently watched movie, but it is not limited to creative arts only. You may have run across this type of writing when going over a movie or a book review.

          When writing a self-reflective informative essay about cats, the author is not obliged to carry out a profound research like in other types of writing. The main goal is to convey one’s personal opinion or impression. The writer is not supposed to make any references, as the self-reflective essay is based on the personal impression only. Any subjective strengths and weaknesses of the element under discussion are provided on the basis of gained experience. The author may also depict his/her private emotional and moral growth.

          Self-Reflective Essay Tips

          In this type of writing the author is supposed to use mainly first person as he is going to convey his/her attitude towards a specific matter. Therefore, use statements like “I believe”, “in my opinion” in order to stress the fact that you present your personal opinion.

          The introduction of the self-reflective essay should not exceed ten sentences. Do not make it under five sentences as well. Start introducing your opinion in the introduction with a short synopsis.

          A thesis statement is the core element of any introduction. Usually it comprises one sentence only.

          In the main body, you are supposes to support your thesis with respective evidence.

          A typical paper body is three or more paragraphs long. When making a plan and a draft of your self-reflective essay, you should determine what part of the matter you wish to discuss in each separate paragraph. You need to create a smooth transition from one paragraph to another and make sure it is all related to the thesis statement.

          The conclusion should include a highlight of your personal experience or lessons learnt in the process. Do not repeat the ideas that you have reviewed in the body of the paper. Make all the points simple so that the reader does not get confused. You may discuss the importance of the gained knowledge for future and even discuss where you or the reader may apply it.

          Just keep in mind the main goal of the self-reflective essay. You need to indicate your personal attitude in terms of the subject under discussion. Avoid any excessive research, as the opinion needs to be based on your personal ideas. You may have to investigate the subject matter better if you lack information about it. Keep in mind the typical structure of any essay. In the end, it is all about the approach that you choose. Besides, do not hesitate to ask the professor for a piece of advice if you have any doubts. All of the above will help you write a great self-reflective essay.


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            Terdapat beberapa hal yang perlu anda ketahui sebelum mulai terjun memainkan permainan judi live caisno karena permainan ini cukup kompleks dan berbeda dengan permainan judi populer lain nya. Namun sebelum mebahas lebih lanjut, pastikan untuk memilih agen atau bandar judi casino online terbaik seperti QQ808 untuk menjamin kelancaran permainan dan membuat persentase kemenangan anda meningkat. Di bawah ini akan di jabarkan beberapa Trik Menang Judi Casino Online Bersama Situs Judi Casino QQ808.

            Pilih Jenis Permainan Casino Judi yang Tepat

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                James Lansdowne Norton is the man behind the invention of Norton bikes. It all began in the year 1901 and 1902 when he used French and Swiss engines to create a bike that works wonders. Norton bikes are among the most popular, fastest, and the best of all Classical Motorcycles. Not only this, the Norton Commando is considered to be the world’s first production Superbike.


                Different models of Norton bikes are among the most desirable bikes of all times. It represented the best that motorbikes industry had to offer at the time of its invention. The Norton Dominator, Atlas, Norton International, Norton rotary race bikes and Norton P11 are also part of the Norton Motorcycle story and are still considered to be the game-changer. At, you will get to know how Norton emerged not only in the field of developing antivirus software but also in the field of bike manufacturing.

                A shed-born hero

                Many years ago, bike race fans witnessed the beginning of the golden era of racing. The rotary bike was significantly updated with a new liquid-cooled engine and the extra power was seen in the new all-black bikes.

                The engines of Norton rotary bikes differ from other regular engines in a variety of ways. These engines don’t have a reciprocating piston traveling up and down in a cylinder. Its valves casing allow gases to transfer smoothly, just like two-stroke valve does. It is unlike a reciprocating engine where all the parts inside the valves move in the same direction. These all features hint towards the fact that the engine is very smooth, compact and capable of delivering a great performance level.

                • The custom-made frame of rotary bikes is made from 7000 series aluminum. This is quite stiff and very light in weight. Its hidden tail is developed as the radiator for the intercooler. The good thing about the latest model of Norton rotary bikes is that it doesn’t require this engine, which ultimately results in weightlessness.
                • The suspension linkage is not present there because the shock is attached directly to the swing-arm.
                • The extra top-tier components include features such as Bitubo suspension, Brembo four-piston front calipers, AP Lockheed caliper, and more.

                How a rotary engine works

                Norton’s rotary engine works on the eccentric, three-sided rotor instead of running on conventional pistons and con-rods. It is driven by combustion pressure and is geared directly to the crank which creates the rotating motion of the bike.

                To sum up-

                Riding Norton bikes such as rotary bike have manifold advantages- it is simple, compact, and light-weighted. It runs smoothly on roads using three power pulses in a single revolution. It is inherently powerful as compared to other racing bikes available in the market. To know more about you can go to the Here you will be provided with ample information regarding Norton and services.

                For mcafee and office support visit :

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                  Mendapatkan Bonus Besar Dari Agen

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                  Semua keuntungan tersebut sudah pasti menjadi keuntungan yang bisa didapatkan oleh bandar slot online yang terpercaya.

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                    Anyone in the world

                    Bermain permainan judi online atau Judi Slot online jauh lebih aman jika anda bandingkan dengan melakukan aktifitas perjudian darat yang cukup beresiko. Untuk dapat memainkan judi online juga sangat simple dan praktis jika anda bandingkan dengan judi darat yang jika anda ingin bermain dengan nyaman, anda terpaksa harus pergi ke luar negri dimana perjudian adalah aktifitas yang legal, tentu saja hal ini sangat merepotkan dan butuh biaya yang tidak sedikit. Seluruh kelebihan yang ada di judi darat juga di miliki oleh judi online, misalnya anda meragukan keaslian permainannya, pada judi online di sediakan fitur streaming yang menampilkan dealer membagikan kartu secara langsung. keuntungan akan menjadi jadi jika bergabung dengan QQChamp Situs Judi Slot Online dan Agen Slot Games Terpercaya


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