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by Sushanth P - Thursday, 31 May 2018, 7:48 PM
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The Telecom Engineers are specialists in interchanges innovation. They are in charge of the plan, innovative work of link and satellite interchanges frameworks, cell phones, radio waves, Internet and email. The universe of media communications advances rapidly, which implies that architects have specific information for the utilization of exceptionally modern hardware, and that they should stay up with the latest on new innovations.


Work exercises


The telecom engineers engaged in research and development of innovative telecommunications products and to investigate ways to improve existing technology, such as fiber optic cables.


Telecom engineer offer solutions for companies and private clients. For example, they can help a company create systems to handle large volumes of phone calls, for example, by creating or improving a call center. They can discuss the use of an integrated system of computers and telephony. This technique consists of coordinating the actions of telephones and computer systems, which allows better management, processing, control and monitoring of calls.


Telecom engineers also install videoconferencing communication systems in hospitals, which allow surgeons to perform operations under the supervision of experts at another hospital, using a videoconferencing system to see and listen to their colleagues.


They work in services such as mobile communications, high-speed data transmission, and communication by fax and radio. They install the necessary equipment to establish this type of communication. Then, once the equipment is installed, they can train clients to learn how to use it.


Telecom engineers manage the maintenance and repair of communications systems. They make sure that the new equipment complies with government regulations.


Some telecom engineers travel within a local area to make sure that all sites in the network are functioning correctly. They use specific software to detect if any part of the network is "weak" and, therefore, if it is more likely to break.


Telecom engineers often have to report on problems related to telecommunications and information present in the investigation of new ideas.


Some telecom engineers work closely with sales and marketing departments. They can respond to customer inquiries and dedicate themselves to the promotion and sale of networks for new customers.


Professional profile


To be a telecom engineer it is necessary:

Be willing to learn and develop new knowledge, as well as being up-to-date on developments in areas such as satellite technology, information technology, electronic commerce and mobile phone networks.

Eager researcher.

Excellent problem-solving skills.

Management skills and organization of networks, for example, for the mapping of cable networks.

Research, writing and reporting skills.

The ability to acquire a complete knowledge of the product with which you work.

Persuasive ability to sell the product.

Strong knowledge of computer software, as computers are increasingly used for the control of telecommunications systems.

Good communication skills, since you will have to explain technical information to people without technical training.


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    by Jack Prabha - Thursday, 31 May 2018, 6:01 PM
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    The network analyst is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of information in a company. He checks the equipment and proposes solutions to satisfy the requests of other employees. 

    How to become a Network Analyst? Find here the missions, necessary training, and remuneration of this profession. 

    Mission: Network Analyst

    Companies solicit network analysts to ensure the fastest possible exchange of computer data. The network analyst also deals with the telephony network and the network security he manages. 

    Role of the network analyst:
    Within a company, the network analyst will: 
    • receive the ordered material; 
    • install computer and telephone equipment; 
    • ensure that the equipment is compatible with existing installations; 
    • set the hardware; 
    • analyze network performance; 
    • identify faulty points;
    • correct what is missing in the network; 
    • open access for new staff; 
    • secure the entire network; 
    • establish a backup plan to ensure permanent operation; 
    • supervise computer repairs; 
    • improve network performance; 
    • renovate and expand the network; 
    • explain what's new to the staff; 
    • advise and assist staff in the use of the network.


    Become a Network Analyst: Qualities required

    A connoisseur of computer tools, the network analyst has developed a real know - how around networks. Operating systems have no secrets for him. He is curious to follow the evolution of the technology that could allow him to improve the network of his company. 
    A network manager needs to keep calm in order to keep his analysis capabilities intact. Networks are complex and require great rigor and methodology to find the right solutions. He must also be quick. A network outage in a company reduces its activity. The network analyst must react very quickly to repair the network.
    If he is to work independently, a network manager must have important relational skills. Indeed, he is in contact with the staff of the company that solicits him for computer problems. He must be able to listen to them and simply explain the process. He works with other technicians and engineers. A good understanding is essential to ensure effective collaboration. The network analyst is also in direct contact with suppliers and other operators outside the company.

    Network Analyst: career/possibility of evolution:

    With extensive computer skills, a network analyst can consider several career changes. His experience can help him to become a telecoms manager. He can also become a network architect, a true telecommunication leader in a company. 
    He can also put his know-how at the service of several companies by becoming a consultant. Depending on his skills, he can turn to technical sales or even engineering.


    Gross monthly salary of a beginner:


    Network Analyst Salary will be 2200 € per year for a fresher.


    Become a Network Analyst: training needed

    The larger the network, the more complex it is. Also, the more training you have, the more you will be able to work in a large company and get an interesting job. After a baccalaureate, you will move towards a DUT or a BTS computer, networks and telecommunications. The next logical step is to opt, at bac + 3 level, for a computer pro license, networks, and telecommunications. You can further strengthen your knowledge by going to the back + 5. You will then have to choose between a network-oriented engineering degree and the university path. It offers a professional master's degree and a research master's degree in network engineering or specialty systems, networks and architecture. Following these studies will give you every opportunity to find a job as a network analyst.


    The situation of the job/context to become a Network Analyst

    The need for telecommunications is growing. Computer networks are becoming widespread, even in small businesses. The job of network analyst, therefore, has a future. To enter the job market and gain experience, it is better to target an SME with a relatively simple network. You can then join a larger company. News agencies, such as mass-market retailers, have considerable needs. Administrations, type town halls or department hotels, can also be interesting. Companies specializing in information technology and telecommunications can offer opportunities for change.

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      by uma prasad - Thursday, 31 May 2018, 4:14 PM
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      Organizations of today are progressively fueled by data innovation (IT), yet mechanical challenges are a reality numerous organizations confront. Each moment of downtime can mean a misfortune in benefits and efficiency, so for all intents and purposes each business and association needs gifted PC professionals to benefit the advanced frameworks that drive execution. 

      System Support Technician Program 

      On the off chance that you appreciate critical thinking and investigating new innovation, a profession in PC technical support could be a solid match for you. At Virginia College, you could procure a Network Support Technician confirmation/authentication in as meager as nine months. We offer profession engaged, specialized preparing to set you up for the data innovation (IT) field. 

      Our Network Support Technician program is intended to enable you to create work significant abilities. You will have the chance to find out about overhauling PC systems, arranging safety efforts and investigating (PCs). 

      Computer Network Technician

      With the Network Support Technician program at Virginia College, you'll: 

      •Get preparing from educators with genuine experience 

      •Take one class at any given moment, enabling you to center around one subject before proceeding onward to the following 

      •Know your whole timetable from the begin so it's anything but difficult to design around school 

      What Do Network Support Technicians Do? 

      Some system bolster specialists give assistance and guidance to individuals and associations utilizing PC programming or gear. Others bolster IT workers inside their association and help non-IT clients who are having PC issues. 

      Computer Network Technician

      Hands-On Training for Jobs 

      PC specialist classes and labs give hands-on learning exercises and intelligent talks to plan understudies with a strong foundation of reasonable preparing. Understudies get direction on the most proficient method to work, introduce, design, investigate, redesign and keep up PCs and PC systems. 

      In this IT program, you can find out about essential system security and hazard administration, and in addition how to examine PC breakdowns and convey auspicious arrangements. Our system bolster expert courses center around helping you accomplish the specialized abilities and attractive aptitudes you should fill in as a PC professional.

      Computer Network Technician


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        by durga devi - Thursday, 31 May 2018, 3:12 PM
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        How to Become a Network Technician in Less Than a Year

         Network Technician could be a challenging field to figure in. you've got to be willing to devote tons of your time to the current career further as hit the books, videos and labs on your “off” time. You’ve got to be willing to not simply raise queries after you drift however to own the power and motivation to not surrender on a subject and dive into it head on. This is often a key factor/skill that sets some Engineers higher than the remainder. If you're willing to perpetually learn and improve your craft and data then there'll be obscurity for you to travel however to the highest.

        If you're reading this text then you're most likely terribly awake to the actual fact that the technology changes apace and therefore the if an individual UN agency is charged with maintaining these systems begins to fall behind on new trends then they're going to certainly be left behind. You’ve got to remain centered and be ready to be told one thing new daily. Detain mind that everybody encompasses a completely different learning vogue. To seek out yours you've got to experiment. If you are doing not presently add the IT field I’d suggest taking on the subject of any “IT” connected job so as to interrupt into the sphere and company. Use this stepping purpose to be told concerning the companies’ procedures and infrastructure.



        A 1-year certificate program or a 2-year associate's degree in computer and networking technology

        Job Duties

        Include installing networking hardware and wireless cards, and explaining system-wide storage solutions

        Median Salary (2015)*

        $62,250 (all computer network support specialists)

        Job Outlook (2014-2024)*

        8% growth (all computer network support specialists)



        Network Technician job duties

        ·  Provides high level technical support to pc users during a type of application computer code packages.

        ·  Gives abnormal state specialized facilitate to laptop purchasers in associate assortment of use programming bundles.

        ·  Troubleshoots network, telecommunications and server issues severally and with steering from senior network, telecommunications and server technical employees.

        ·  Performs installations, upgrades and troubleshooting of network, digital computer, server and communication system hardware and computer code.

        ·  Performs installation and configuration of assorted LAN devices (e.g., routers, switches, printers, scanners, wireless access points).

        ·  Provides technical support for distributed enterprise systems: stress on network management includes areas like router and switch capability and performance, license management, and security style.

        ·  Discusses technical necessities with vendors and provides technical specifications.


        Field Engineer is an online engineering temp agency that connects thousands of engineers with companies searching for part time employees to complete project-based work. Search hundreds of job postings until you find the Network Technician Jobs that fits your qualifications best!


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        by maya lola - Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 4:00 PM
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        Get unrivaled performance as networks, hardware and software are continuously updated, monitored, maintained and enhanced. As managed IT services Chicago, we assure you a superior result with utmost satisfaction. Manage your Business while we manage your network.


          Anyone in the world
          Get unrivaled performance as networks, hardware and software are continuously updated, monitored, maintained and enhanced. As Managed IT Services New York City, we assure you a superior result with utmost satisfaction. Manage your Business while we manage your network.


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            by ammy watson - Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 1:58 PM
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            Nurses today are highly revered and valued members of the health care system who work in close collaboration with physicians and members of healthcare fraternity in promoting wellness. Health care in general and Nursing in particular, fall among the top 10 occupations that has the largest career growth potential in the years to come .

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              by shashi teja - Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 1:55 PM
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              A work arrives that everyone was waiting for. PC Technician is a serialized course that offers the necessary knowledge to become true experts in the support and repair of computers. It is aimed at amateurs who want to start their own business from scratch, as well as those who already have it in operation and want to professionalize their activity.

              In each of the fascicles we will find, photographically, the complete breakdown of each of the components, together with full-color computer graphics that explain in detail its operation. In addition, the steps to be followed for the installation of each device and the methodology to carry out the diagnosis and repair of the most frequent faults are exposed in a visual and practical way.

              The main topics that this collection will address will be:

              • Component by component, you will know how PCs and notebooks work, and you will learn how to perform a complete breakdown.
              • You will know from the hand of the maximum referents, all the platforms and technologies of recent years.
              • Step by step, you will learn to apply the professional methodology to diagnose and repair faults.
              • He will know how to set up his own business and provide services to his clients.
              • It includes visual guides of all the components, infographics and photographs of all the procedures.

              If you are interested in repairing computers, cell phones, tablets and other equipment, PC Technician is your best ally.


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              Considering how to rule SEO showcasing in 2018? 

              I've assembled a rundown of four incredible SEO procedures all advertisers ought to use to support their rank in the list items. 

              2 SEO Techniques All Marketers Should Be Using In 2018 

              Website optimization Techniques 

              As showcasing and SEO keep on evolving, it gets less demanding and simpler to fall behind. Things like AMP and voice look are never again consigned to the far off future – they're here, and they can't be overlooked. 

              Rather, enhance. Here's the ticket. 

              Search engine optimization Technique #1 | Get Your Website On AMP 

              You've likely known about AMP. 

              It remains for quickened versatile pages, and it's been enormous news on the showcasing scene since its introduction in 2015. 

              AMP is an open source venture intended to influence portable pages to stack rapidly. Truly rapidly. 

              In its official blog entry, Google says that AMP: 

              "Each time a page takes too long to stack, they lose a peruser—and the chance to gain income through promoting or memberships… (AMP) intends to drastically enhance the execution of the versatile web. We need website pages with rich substance like video, activitys and designs to work close by savvy promotions, and to stack momentarily." 

              While that return in 2015, getting on AMP is presently a greater arrangement than at any other time. 

              That is expected to a limited extent to Google's versatile first activity. Google realizes that 1.) more clients than any other time in recent memory are utilizing cell phones to look through the web and 2.) individuals like pages that heap quick. 

              Furthermore, in light of the fact that Google's tied in with giving a consistent client encounter, it will compensate locales that do only that. That implies that pages that utilization AMP are probably going to rank higher. 

              In any case, do know that for every one of its advantages, AMP accompanies a couple of hindrances also. 

              Most eminently, you may see a drop in changes as you actualize it. So as to work so rapidly, AMP strips out all superfluous code keeping in mind the end goal to expand stack time. To recover your transformations, you may need to include a portion of that code back in. 

              Notwithstanding it's couple of defeats, AMP will be progressively vital to web usefulness in the long haul. I prescribe beginning on your blog, and afterward adding AMP to alternate pages of your website. 

              For a full guide on adding AMP to your site pages, click here. 

              Search engine optimization Technique # 2 | Increase Page Speed 

              This runs as one with AMP. 

              Consider it along these lines: clients as of now spend a normal 69% of their media time on cell phones. In any case, when they visit a webpage 47% of buyers anticipate that a page will stack in 2 seconds or less, and 40% of individuals forsake a site that takes over 3 seconds to stack. 

              Load speed is plainly a major ordeal. Also, as I secured over, Google's been pushing the portable experience for a long while. 

              As of not long ago, page speed was just a positioning component for work area seeks. In any case, Google as of late reported that beginning in July 2018, page speed will likewise be a positioning component for versatile hunts. 

              Search engine optimization Technique - Pagespeeds 

              Search engine optimization Techniques 

              That implies that organizations have only a couple of short a long time to get their heap times up to snuff on portable. There are numerous variables that could be influencing a page's heap time, and fortunately, they can be settled.

              Link Building  SEO Techniques All Marketers Should Be Using In 2018 







































































































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