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Highly rated dating service provider “Dinner for 2” continues to hold its place at the summit, with sustained introduction of remarkable service offering features, which are proving to be worthwhile and effectual in ascertaining its customers positive experience. These innovations distinguishes Dinner for 2 and strengthens its position as one of the finest in the industry.

                         Dinner For 2


Some of these features are highlighted on its website including; the personalization of the online dating service offering, which makes available 24 hours of customer service accessibility via mail or phone. This particular feature also applies to the custom dating option with customers required to only send in a custom dating request via mail.


Dinner for 2 also has a blog site where candid and uninhibited conversations about dating and relationships are discussed. The conversations on this platform is about everything related to dating and relationships. Numerous topics, issues, arising matters and questions such as places to go, things to do, etc. are tackled.


Interestingly, signing up and starting to use all of these services comes at no price at all. Yes, it is absolutely free! Discussing about the platform and its personalization features, contact person Bernice Dyson said “We are passionate to see relationships work, and we believe these features will be of great help. For our custom dating, we design a special date for our client as well as make all the arrangements for the date. However, the client has the choice of choosing the date and the occasion.”


Contact Information

Dinner For 2

1178 Broadway 3rd. floor

# 1082 New York, N.Y.


United States

Phone: +1 929-351-9784

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    by steve beckmen - Tuesday, 16 July 2019, 2:18 PM
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      by vanny anderson - Tuesday, 16 July 2019, 12:22 PM
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      Secrets to Getting Online Buyers Quickly

      Source : Bromopoker

      5 Secrets to Selling Products Online

      1. Work works
      2. Choose the right niche
      3. Make the checkout process simple
      4. Offer great customer service
      5. Promote your store

      Secret 1: Work works

      Selling products online is unique because of the massive range of customers you can reach. In some ways, this evens the playing field, but remember, the millions of potential customers you can reach also have possibly thousands of competitor websites fighting for their attention.

      First, you have to drive traffic to your site, then deliver great service and great products. The good news is, your overhead cost selling products online is significantly lower than opening a physical store.

      Secret 2: Choose the right niche

      The first question most of us ask when starting a new business is what to sell. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer.

      That being said, considering the niche market you want to target is vital to the success of your business. Smaller niches will have less competition, giving you a better chance of connecting with potential buyers. On the other hand, your pool of customers will be smaller. Spend some time thinking about your niche and balancing the level of competition with the size of the market.

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        The secret to success in the online buying and selling business in 2019

        Obtained from : Panenpoker

        Tired of your 8 to 5 job and hoping to make money online even while in your PJs? Can’t blame you for thinking that way.

        After all, who wouldn’t want to earn some cash in their sleep?

        Before you throw in the towel and start an online business, you have to figure out what works best for you.

        Is it something leaning towards your hobbies or interests so that you can have fun along the way? Or is it something out of your realm of expertise that will require a bit more time and effort?

        People from all over the world need help to meet their goals. Maybe they want to get healthier through a plant-based diet, or perhaps they want to learn how to surf or play the guitar, or they may need to buy parts to build racing drones, manage their time better, gain muscle, or lose weight.

        If you’ve got the skill and know-how to assist these folks and you can provide viable solutions to their needs and wants, then you have to go for it!

        Whether you’re looking for the best online business to start with no money or you have the cash to invest, this post will help you get started either way. I’ve got some excellent resources, tips, tricks and hacks that I’m sharing with you near the end of this article.

        Stuff pulled from the 5 steps every online business needs to guarantee success. Here : Lexispoker


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          Microsoft Office suite contains continually utilized endeavors and affiliations. The most utilized undertakings of Microsoft Office are Word, a word overseeing program, Excel, a spreadsheet program, PowerPoint, an introduction producer, and Access, a database application.


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            Norton 360 introduces rapidly, and enables you to oversee assurance for all your PC and handheld gadgets by means of a solitary membership (up to 10 gadgets). Utilizations Symantec's risk insight system included groups of security specialists. They always examine new dangers discovering approaches to secure gadgets with Norton 360 introduced.



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              Seo Trick All You Need to Know To Get It On Google Ranking 1

              Did you find this SEO guide via a Google search?

              Yes, my SEO strategies really work (and they are quite simple)

              Today I’ll show you the exact website optimization techniques I use to drive 150,000+ visitors each month to my site, organically. 

              I’ve been doing SEO for the last 6+ years, and throughout those years, I’ve tried to consume all the information about SEO that I could get my hands on.

              This tutorial condenses all that information (plus new ranking techniques that work especially well in 2019, and into 2020).

              I guarantee that even if you’re experienced with SEO, you will find a trick or two in this post that will help your blog or WordPress site rank higher on Google. (You might even learn what Rankbrain is all about)

              Goodies: This is a No-BS SEO tips guide where I will not only teach you the techniques but will also link you to plugins, tools and tutorials to implement them. This guide is meant for both beginners and advanced SEOs. 

              Most of the strategies I list here use WordPress plugins but this guide is not limited to WordPress. The principles work for Shopify stores, Woocommerce, Medium, Blogger and self-hosted sites. It even works for YouTube SEO. 

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                Knowledge Attitude and Perception of Sex Education - 2019

                Adolescence is a highly dynamic period characterised by rapid growth and development. Adolescents have limited knowledge about sexual and reproduction health, and know little about the natural processes of puberty, sexual health, pregnancy or reproduction.

                Source : Gudangpoker

                Sex education should be an integral part of the learning process beginning in childhood and continuing into adult life, because it is lifelong process.

                Materials and Methods

                A cross sectional study design was used to study the knowledge of reproductive and sexual health among school going children.

                A total of 743 adolescents from age group of 13-19 year were studied, using self designed semi-structured questionnaire to assess the knowledge regarding reproductive and sexual health among adolescents


                The mean age of study subjects was 15.958±1.61 years, majority of adolescents i.e., 93.5% favour sex education. An 86.3% said sex education can prevent the occurrence of AIDS and 91.5% of adolescents prefer doctors should give them sex education followed by 83.0% school/teacher and least preference was parents 37.3%.


                The term adolescence comes from Latin word meaning “to grow to maturity”. According to WHO 10-19 years is called adolescents. . It is the period when maximum amount of physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural changes take place


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                  Do you know that you can learn coding and programming by playing some coding games? Yes, certain games can help you learn to program.

                  Today, if you learn to code well, then you are open to lots of career opportunities. Programming is highly demanded by organizations and businesses since they need someone to maintain their websites, apps, and other software.

                  Learning coding can be a tiresome task, but coding games make it fun. So let’s know about the five best coding games of 2019.

                  1. Robocode

                  In this game, you will have to code robot tanks which battle against each other. You will have to enter artificial intelligence codes to drive your tanks to win the battle. The coding languages that are used in this game are Java, Scala, C#, and others. It was launched in 2000, but since then it is regularly updated and developed. Robocode is an open source coding learning software and available for free.

                  2. Codingame

                  It is an online coding game that helps you to learn and tune your programming knowledge. It enables you to play it with over 25 coding languages so that you can choose a language that you want to learn. Some of the programming languages are Java, C#, Python, Go, JavaScript, Rust, Lua, and many more. In the game, you will have to solve some puzzles and accomplish challenges.

                  3. Codecombat

                  CodeCombat is another alternative to learn programming and coding languages. It is an online puzzle and challenge game which can only be solved by entering codes. Codecombat is a game which makes you feel that you are learning something new each day. The game is less focused on entertainment. Codecombat games have three different courses:  Web Development, Computer Science, and Game Development. Make sure to check out this game, if you want to learn coding.

                  4. Vim Adventures

                  It is a fantastic coding tutorial game and helps you learn to use Vim, a high-performance text editor that is used in programming. Vim isn’t very easy to use and requires good knowledge and experience. This game will make you learn Vim by playing and solving different puzzles.

                  5. Shenzhen I/O

                  It is a puzzle based game which makes you improve your coding knowledge. Your task is to create simple circuits and enter the simplified assembly code. This game is highly addictive once you become used to it. As a result, you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to bag highly-paid programming jobs.

                  Davis Johnson is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as



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           download through which different bits of programming can be downloaded, for example, Norton Setup Security Standard, Norton Small Business and essentially more that will encourage their specific needs.



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