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      Anyone in the world

      Here is a platform where you can find vape cartridges or vape pens at affordable prices. they do offer discounts on bulk and overnight shipment



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        Here is a platform where you can find vape cartridges or vape pens at affordable prices. they do offer discounts on bulk and overnight shipment



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          Here is a platform where you can find vape cartridges or vape pens at affordable prices. they do offer discounts on bulk and overnight shipment



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            Ommzi is the ideal place vr game development company bring the immersive VR technology from the creative ideas in VR. Here our developers use a number of tools to make the process simpler.


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              The Canadian government through its immigration program admits 300,000 immigrants to Canada annually. The ICCRC-CRCIC role is to make the Canada Immigration process competent with its new and improved policies. There are certain steps which ensure that the Immigration application goes through rightly and it is advisable to consult to a registered Immigration consultant in India.

              Here are a few benefits of Canadian Immigration for new immigrants:


              1.       Canada immigration rules are not as thorough when contrasted with different nations, henceforth is a lot simpler to qualify. Indeed, even now in world recession, Canada has not eliminated its Immigration standard, so it is as yet the greatest immigration delivery support point for all.


              2.       Canada offers a dynamic scope of migration and visa programs for the employed, self-employed and businessmen streams and for those not qualified under the Immigration programs, the nation still offers non-immigrant choices, for example, work permit and student program and majorly focus towards Canada PR Visa and Immigration.


              3.       This nation additionally offers the most supporting government and social security benefit programs for Canadian Immigrants and their families. Canada has one of the most renowned educational and health facilities, and is one of the best in the world.


              4.       Employments in Canada are additionally high as the nation gives various innumerable openings for work to qualified and skilled immigrants.


              5.       Canada's lowest pay permitted by law as of October 1, 2015 will increment to $10.50. So it has a standout amongst the best pay benefits for labourers around the globe with great working conditions.


              6.       A Canadian international ID holder likewise appreciates a Canada PR visa free travel for practically all real nations over the world. This is one noteworthy motivation behind why specialists, high total assets people and financial specialists. It is always advisable to take guidance from a registered immigration consultant in India for the same.



              7.       It likewise has no confinement to place of occupation administration as it allows the occupants to live and work anyplace in Canada. This nation offers ideal to religion, culture, language decision and the opportunity of correspondence.


              8.       Canada likewise gives astounding exchange and self-awareness openings. A great move by the nation for the new immigrants. Seek help from an Immigration Consultant in India to know more about these openings.


              9.       It likewise has a huge abundance of normal assets and minerals which is a monetary gift to the country and furthermore a direct outside venture channel.


              10.   What's more, entertainingly, Canada is likely the main spot on the planet where you can collide with somebody, and they will apologize to you. They are really the politest individuals regularly existing on earth since they are cheerful people.


              For more information regarding Canada PR Visa Consultants and eligibility criteria in detail, get in touch with our immigration Consultants in India and get a FREE Counselling session. Call us at for 011-40391555 (CP) / 011-40040850 (NP)  Toll Free: 18001218299 or write to us at


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                Figuring the yearly Expense of a water heater entails consideration of this heater efficiency and the value. The mathematics gets in a hurry when you try to compare. A contrast between a one and a gas water heater becomes more laborious in the event you throw at the expense of gas, to type out.

                Energy Factor

                A water heater Energy Factor is to Compare the energy efficiency of 1 heater with another the more, the more efficient the radiator in addition to there is a heater Energy Factor score an indicator of the relative operating of the unit price, the Energy Variable amount. Takes into the heater's ability, in addition to account heat losses inside the radiator along with its piping. Propane water heaters usually have Energy Factors between.5 and .65, whereas electric heaters have Energy Factors around.9.


                The Energy Factor doesn't take under account the cost of gas or electricity, so it can't be used to assess the worth of gas and electric heaters, although it's a step in discovering the price of a radiator. Additionally, there are several top-notch best tankless water heater manufacturers available in the marketplace, and we urge our readers to do appropriate hard work before settling on any tankless water heater.

                Retrieval Performance

                Steps the capacity to Heat the heater's water. Water heaters provide more significant recovery. That means that to keep up with demand, stating that you would be having a 36, you might take a larger tank, a gas heater should conserve water. A tank means less power to keep a volume, devoted.

                Energy and Gas Price

                The Cost of running a Gas water heater has compared as a consequence of the rate of power to an electric heater Energy Variable's sum, whatever the radiator. Gas shortages have pushed the cost of the gas up, since it has been formerly, making, a gas heater expensive to operate. As of early February 2014, the nationwide average cost of home improvement was $3.89 each gallon.

                Water Heaters Provide Many Advantages Over Variations:

                Operating costs

                • Greater efficiencies
                • Faster recovery Prices

                Storage area requirements

                • Constant water source

                Temperature adjustment

                • Wider Choice of installation, sizes, and options that are venting
                • Reduced Probability of electricity Problems


                • Best propane gas water heaters cost approximately $25 less per month to run than electric units (Source: Energy Savings Calculator). Propane water heaters are expensive to operate than electric heaters.
                • Gas water heaters have a recovery rate. That means a homeowner may get water required to keep water.
                • Within a frequent unit's life (approx. 10 years), gas water heaters can save homeowners between $3,000 and $4,000 in comparison to an electrical group (according to the Energy Savings Calculator).
                • Gas water heaters were heating over twice as much water in 1 hour due to a version.
                • Over 3 million homes use gas water heaters (EIA Residential Energy Consumption Survey).


                Since propane gas heaters Have a quicker recovery rate (nearly twice that of a gas water heater), they can get more warm water at the identical size tank. When considering using distance A propane water heater may do the job of a unit is an element. Versions will last for decades and are durable.


                The standard to the energy efficiency of storage water heaters is that your "energy factor," that relies on supplying 64 gallons of water daily, whatever size of best propane water heater tank is used. Taking into account combustion efficiency and standby loss, the energy variable to get a gas storage water heater usually ranges between 0.50 and 0.65. Components have energy factors, and surface areas lead for houses that are sealed combustion, or power-vented water heaters could be perfect.


                To compute the yearly, The result is multiplied by the expense of a gas water heater; then, you need to split 41,045 in the radiator's Energy Factor. To acquire a furnace with an Energy Factor of.6 along with a propane cost of $3.89 per gallon$.00004251 per Btu, which ends up to $1,061 annually? The calculation to find a gas heater is similar, except you substitute 41,045 together using 12.03 and the gas cost with the purchase price of electricity per kilowatt/hour. An electric heater with an Energy Factor of.9 and a power cost of .12 kWh might have a yearly operating loss of $585.

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                  First, the matching of white clothes and bags

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  White is the most holy color, and the personal feeling is also the best color for dressing. This color is more suitable for the bag with light color.

                  The white casual assembly is light yellow bag with soft color coordination; it is also a successful combination with lavender, and the light pink bag can give a gentle and elegant feeling. White business wear is better matched with bags suitable for lavender and its similar colors.

                  The red-hundred combination is bold and fashionable, and it looks enthusiasm. Under strong contrast, the heavier the white component, the softer the feeling.

                  Second, the matching of blue clothes and bags

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  Blue clothing is the easiest bag of all kinds of colors, whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, it is easier to match, and blue has a very good effect of tightening and closing, it is the best choice for madness. .

                  The blue jacket with red bag makes people look charming and pretty; with a gray bag, a slightly conservative combination, but the overall feeling is relatively bright (highly recommended with fine lines of gray, can add a good elegance); The feeling of matching with the lavender bag is more subtle; it is not necessary to match the white bag. The blue one is more common in itself. If you add purple ingredients intentionally or inadvertently, it will add a bit of mature urban taste.

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  The color is deeper, especially the blue professional suit with black color is suitable for attending some formal places, not only the makeup, the curve is clear, but also has a light and charming romantic atmosphere.

                  Third, the matching of black clothes and bags

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  Black belongs to the mysterious color of the calm, no matter what color is put together, there will be some style, so I always think that the choice of black people is a wise person, absolutely first class. The red and black collocation itself is the best combination of classic and black and white collocation. Even if it is matched with a slightly difficult match, if the style is the same, the effect is almost unparalleled, sunshine, avant-garde, fashion, youth. Similar words will flow to your name. At that time, there was nothing to steal.

                  Fourth, the matching of brown clothes and bags

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  The combination of brown clothes and bags is relatively simple. It can give a pure feeling to the white bag. It is more suitable for pure little girls. The more conservative dark brown with red bag is vivid and pretty. Brown clothes with the same color bag effect is also good, but the two can not be the same, the brown with the plaid and the ordinary brown can reflect the elegant maturity, the brown texture of the material texture is easy to pass the difference in texture, highlighting the contrast, Shows a unique taste.

                  Fifth, purple clothes and bags match

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  Purple mature and elegant, the requirements for the texture and workmanship of the clothing are very high, and the requirements for the matching bags are also more demanding, but it is often the most difficult to match the color to best reflect the wearer's graceful and luxurious. Aristocratic charm and book charm. Lavender is more romantic and suitable for bags with close color and not too deep. It looks elegant and calm; deep purple clothing is more expensive, suitable for bags with similar colors and not too bright colors, and reveals dignity in Huagui. And generous.

                  Sixth, the matching of green clothes and bags

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  It is recommended that the combination of green and goose yellow or light yellow color bags can give people a feeling of spring, not only elegant, but also very feminine. Light green and light red, light yellow, light blue and other light-colored bags are also good, elegant, natural and pure.

                  Seventh, matching beige clothes and bags

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  Beige is subtle and elegant, but it is not bright, it is the color commonly used in the world, but because her simple and intellectual beauty is used in professional suits, I should pay more attention to the style of the bag when choosing the bag with the beige suit. Whether the rhyme can match it, it is not appropriate to choose a bag that is too complicated and too arrogant to be too avant-garde, to suit the overall style of the beige suit.

                  Finally, let's talk about the principle of matching the professional wear. Because of the long time activities in the office, you should choose more colors with lower purity. First, it is easy to coordinate with other colors. Then it is easy to increase the sense of intimacy and harmony between people. Form an atmosphere of synergy; at the same time, low purity can give people a sense of modesty, tolerance, maturity, and help increase the distance between people, reduce the crowded feeling to give individuals more space, make the occupation more accessible to others The recognition is based on the easy-to-match nature of low-purity colors, and the limited combination of clothing and bags can add a lot of highlights to life.

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  Female friends, how do you know how to match a women's bag? Now that a woman is on the street, it is not comfortable to wear a bag without a bag. This fashion should have been formed for some time. Nowadays, the style of the bag is also changing with each passing day. Many MMs often make up their minds when they buy bags because they have good styles and good materials. At this time, don't neglect the importance of sorting and collocation.

                  The big aspect of the bag is related to age, occupation, and season. Small aspects are related to: character, occasion, dress.

                  In the following, the classification is detailed:

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  1: age match

                  MMs of different ages have different views on fashion. There are great differences between the 80s and the 90s. The styles of the bags should first match their ages, so that people will not have a sense of uncoordinated relationship; Even if the style of the bag is good, you should first consider the age that is not suitable for you. Also consider the color of the bag and the age is not coordinated. The style is mainly reflected in the requirements of the age group, and most people should feel it.

                  2: Professional match

                  Different occupations also have different choices for bags. OL can choose simple styles; this can highlight their own taste; often go out, you can choose some leisure bags, it seems more energetic. If you need to meet customers frequently or need to bring some information, you can choose a practical bag. Here is a point: you have to buy at least 2 bags that are more practical and professional, which is good for improving the overall impression of others.

                  3: Matching the seasons

                  The seasonal match of the bag is mainly the coordination of colors. The bag in summer should be light or light-colored. This will not make people feel uncoordinated with the environment, otherwise it will make people feel the eye-catching feeling; According to the environment, it is also possible to have a dark color, as long as it is properly matched; in winter, a slightly darker color should be chosen to create a sense of harmony with the season. Spring and Autumn 2 season, basically the same, is to pay more attention to the match between clothes.

                  4: Matching personality

                  Take the two types of MM as examples: traditional and avant-garde. The traditional MM carries some simple and fashionable styles, showing its own subtlety and connotation. You can choose some solid color bags. The avant-garde MM can choose some avant-garde fashion, and exude your own vitality and alternatives. People have a refreshing feeling, it is recommended to choose a bright color, the type of the trend is more advanced. It’s okay to dress up for rebellion, huh, don’t be a rayman.

                  5: The match of the occasion

                  It is said that different clothes are worn in different occasions. In fact, the bags are the same; for example, to interview a new job, you are wearing a very loose bag and put it on your chest, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. At this time, you should carry a bag with a slightly harder cortex and no green flowers. If you want to go hiking, you will find a casual bag that looks unconstrained. When you are on a business trip, choose different bags and clothes according to the customer. The match of the occasion is very important, this is not what kind of brand name you can replace.

                  6:With the dress

                  Dressing can be said to be an art, bag and clothes, the two are a whole match; styles and colors can produce different effects with the dress.

                   Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  How do different colors of bags match clothes?

                  Black bag - noble, elegant, mysterious, sexy, charm

                  Can match the color of clothes: white, gray, rice, blue

                  White bag - clear, peaceful, pure

                  Can match the color of the clothes - can match all colors

                  Grey bag - mature neutral color

                  Can match the color of the clothes - can be matched with any color

                  Coffee and beige bags - mature, sophisticated, quiet (cold rice, warm rice)

                  Can match the color of clothes - basic colors (black, white, gray, blue)

                  Blue bag - squat + mysterious quiet, refreshing, rational, deep

                  Can be matched with the color of the clothes - basic color white and black (bags, shoes)

                  Dark blue bag - can match the color of clothes - yellow, red

                  Red bag - passionate and romantic, sexy

                  Can match the color of clothes - black, white, yellow, blue, green

                  Green bag - nature's color, cool, vital

                  Can be matched with the color of the clothes - the best black, white and dark green, or near the yellow, complementary red (preferably without solid color)

                  Pink bag - unique female color

                  Can match the color of the clothes - white, black, dark powder - rose

                  Purple bag - elegant and elegant color, women like it, but it is difficult to match the color

                   Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  Can be matched with the color of the clothes - the same color is different in shades of purple; black, white, yellow, gray

                  Orange bag - passion and vibrant colors

                  Can match the color of clothes - orange and yellow; can be combined with basic colors, white, black, green, various blue pattern clothing

                  The most important thing to choose a bag is to look good and have temperament. This is the right bag for you!

                  Bag color matching rule

                  How can we make a simple match to reflect our own temperament, let ourselves be fashionable, and see how the different colors of the bag can be matched better!

                  Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes

                  First, the "same color system" matching method: the bag and clothes are in the same color and deep and shallow matching way, can create a very elegant feeling, for example: dark brown suit + camel bag.

                  Second, the "contrast color" matching method: bags and clothes can also be a strong contrast color, which will be a very eye-catching match. For example: black suit + red belt + red bag + black high heels.

                  Third, "neutral color +1 embellishment color" matching method: that is, neutral color clothing with embellished color bags, this match will make you very good, for example: camel dress + sky blue bag + camel high heels.

                  Fourth, and the color of the clothing printing echo: the color of the bag can be a color in the clothing print, such as: olive green, beige, brown printed dress + brown bag + brown high heels.

                  In addition, is the height more than 170? If the answer is no, I suggest you give up the oversized bag. Often a poor little girl, with an oversized bag, is indeed eye-catching, but her whole person is often visually overwhelmed by the pressure of big bags.


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                     Simple daily care can make the handbag last longer and last longer.


                    1.Regularly use the same color skin cream to wipe the handbag, which can keep the leather material bright and moist, but avoid using liquid leather oil.

                    2.When applying the skin cream to the handbag, avoid applying the skin cream directly on the leather surface. Apply it to the fluff or soft hair and then wipe the leather surface.

                    3.always keep the handbag dry, should be placed in a ventilated place when storing. Some moisture-sensitive handbags can be placed in a bag with a small amount of moisture-proof beads.

                    4.If the handbag gets wet, use a dry cloth to remove the water from the handbag, then put it in a cool place, let the handbag dry naturally. Never put the wet handbag directly into the sun or blow it with a wind tube. , can not be placed next to the air-conditioning, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of leather burst.

                     5.Do not rinse with water or contact with chemical solvents when cleaning handbags.

                     Each type of leather has different qualities, so different care methods and appropriate care products are needed.

                    1.Flannel: Use a slightly damp flannel to wipe off the stain on the surface of the bag, then put it in a ventilated place and dry it naturally.

                    2.cowhide, sheepskin: coated with high-quality skin cream on the flannel, remove the dirt on the surface of the skin, and then use a soft cloth to wipe back and forth slightly on the surface of the bag.

                    3.suede: softly rub the stain on the surface of the skin in the same direction, the texture can be smooth; can also be used to remove stains with raw rubber and suede cleaning supplies, but should not rub the ointment.

                    C.special care

                    1.The zipper is not smooth: it can be improved by applying a candle or a wax on the zipper.

                    2. denitrification: If there is a little denitrification, you can use the color paste to complement the color or use the white oil to lightly wipe the denitrification part to remove the stain.

                    3. metal decoration and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) silver metal buckle: you can use the finest water sandpaper or sanding rubber to gently wipe off the black spots, and then gently wipe with a transparent skin cream.

                    Gold buckle: Never use sanding paper to avoid rubbing off the gold. Wipe it off with a little clear skin cream.

                    Prevention: Apply a little transparent nail polish to the copper buckle or metal buckle of the new handbag to prevent oxidation.



                    Leather distinction is the basic knowledge that the leather care industry and consumers need to master. Modern leather processing technology is becoming more and more advanced, and there are more and more varieties of leather. It is far from enough to identify the authenticity and type from the pore size and density of the leather surface. Mastering the knowledge of leather and understanding the performance and expansion of leather, it is very helpful for the design and production of leather goods, the renovation and damage repair of leather care, the purchase of leather products and the use of leather goods. In summary, the world's manufacturing industry, leather includes leather, recycled leather and artificial leather.

                    The leather is the raw leather peeled off from cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or some other animals. After being processed by the leather factory, it is made into leather materials with various characteristics, strength, feel, color and pattern. It is a modern leather product. Essential materials. Among them, cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin are the three major types of leather used in tanning. The dermis is divided into two types: the top layer and the second layer.

                    The top layer is a grain of cow, sheep, pigskin, etc., the skin has natural scars and blood disk marks, and occasionally there are knife wounds during processing and intestines with very low utilization rate. The layer leather also has the numbering of the cattle. Full grain skin can distinguish the animal skin from the pore size and density. There are many types of cowhide, such as cow hides, beef cowhide, grazing cowhide, and uncut cows. In China, there are also yellow cowhide, buffalo leather, yak leather and yak leather. Among them, the pores of buffalo are thicker and sparse; the yellow cowhide is thinner and denser than the pores of buffalo. The pores of the sheepskin are finer space and slightly sloped, mainly sheep and goatskin. The rule of pigskin due to long hair is the distribution of 35 small ones, so it is easy to distinguish. Generally, pigskins are artificially raised, and wild pigskins are also known. It is famous for the South American wild, which has obvious obvious independence. The pores and grain surface can be processed into very soft garment leather or glove leather due to its special collagen fiber structure. In addition, ostrich skin, crocodile skin, short nose crocodile skin, clear skin, snake skin, bullfrog skin, sea fish skin (shark skin, squid skin, squid skin, squid skin, pearl skin, etc.), freshwater fish skin (The grass carp, the squid skin before the scales), the hairy fox skin (silver fox skin, blue fox skin, etc.), wolf skin, dog skin, skin-free, etc. are easily identifiable, and can not be made into a two-layer skin. The first layer of skin is directly processed from the raw skin of various animals, or the skin of cattle, pigs and horses, which are thicker in the skin, is dehulled and cut into upper and lower layers. The upper part of the fibrous tissue is processed into various top layers. skin.

                    The second layer of skin is a loose layer of fibrous structure, which is processed by spraying or covering with pvc and pu film. Therefore, an effective method for distinguishing between the top layer and the second layer is to observe the fiber density of the longitudinal section of the skin. The top layer is composed of a dense and thin fibrous layer and a slightly loose excess layer which is closely connected thereto, and has good strength, elasticity and process plasticity. The second layer of leather has only a loose fibrous tissue layer. It can only be used to make leather products after spraying chemical materials or polishing. It maintains certain natural elasticity and process plasticity, but its strength is poor, and its thickness requires the same layer. The same skin. There are also a variety of leathers used in today's popular production. The leather processing techniques are somewhat different, but the method of differentiation is the same.

                    Here are a detailed description of the various leathers that have been leather-finished:

                    Water-stained skin: refers to all kinds of soft skins that are dyed with various colors such as cows, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, etc., which are dyed on the drums and glazed.

                    Open-edged pelt: also known as towel leather, which is cast in half along the spine and repaired the creased belly and the top layer of the limbs or the two-layered edging leather. It is made of pvc film of pure color, metallic color, fluorescent pearl color, magic color double color or multi color.

                    Patent leather: Leather that is processed by calendering or extinction after spraying various chemical raw materials with two layers of leather.

                    Noodle skin: It is a poor first layer of skin blank, the surface is polished, and the surface scars and blood ridges are removed. After spraying with various ochre skins, it is pressed into a grainy or glossy skin.

                    Embossed leather: Generally, the shaving skin or the open bead skin is used to suppress the respective patterns or patterns. For example, imitation crocodile pattern, clear worm pattern, ostrich skin pattern, python skin pattern, water ripples, beautiful bark pattern, lychee pattern, imitation deer pattern, etc., as well as various stripes, lattices, three-dimensional patterns or reflect various Creative patterns of brand image, etc.

                    Printing or stenciling: The material is the same as embossed leather, but the processing technology is different. It is printed or burned into a top layer or a two-layer leather with various patterns or patterns.

                    Matte: The surface of the leather is polished, and the grained scars or rough fibers are abraded to reveal a neat and even leather fiber structure and then dyed into a top or second layer of various popular colors.

                    Suede: Also known as suede, it is a suede that is polished to a velvet surface and dyed with various popular colors.

                    Laser skin: also called laser skin, a new type of leather that etches various patterns on the surface of leather by laser technology.

                    Recycled skin: After pulverizing the waste skin and leather waste of various animals, it is prepared by processing chemical raw materials. The surface processing technology is the same as that of the dermis, embossed leather, which is characterized by a neat edge of the skin, high utilization rate and low price. However, the skin is generally thicker and has a lower strength. It is only suitable for the production of flat-type briefcases, tie rods and other shaped products and flat price belts. The longitudinal section has uniform fiber structure and can recognize the solidification effect of the mixed fibers of the fluid.

                    Artificial leather: also known as imitation leather or rubber, is a general term for artificial materials such as pvc and pu. It is made on the basis of textile fabric or non-woven fabric, foamed or coated by various formulas such as pvc and pu. It can be made according to different strength, wear resistance, cold resistance and color, gloss and pattern. The pattern and the like are required to be processed, and have the characteristics of various colors, good waterproof performance, neat edge width, high utilization rate and low price on the leather. However, most of the artificial leather cannot have the effect of leather and the elasticity; its longitudinal Cut into the surface, you can see tiny bubbles, cloth or skin film and dry and rayon. It is a class of materials that have been extremely embarrassing from the early days to the present and are commonly used to make a variety of leather products, or parts of leather materials. It is increasingly being produced and is being widely used in the processing of two-layer leather. Nowadays, artificial leather, which is very similar to leather, is produced on the market. Its surface technology is extremely fibrous. It has almost the effect of leather. Its price is comparable to that of domestic top layer.



                    Leather care:

                    A.Correct use habits: A good quality leather goods, in addition to its basic maintenance, the correct use habits can improve its durability.

                    1.Avoid colliding and rubbing the leather bag with the hard object to avoid scratching or scratching the surface.

                    2.the leather bag to avoid putting heavy things, so as not to wrinkle and deformation.

                    B.daily care: daily simple care, can make it last longer and longer life.

                    1.After normal use, use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe off the dust. If there is a gap in the bag edge, use a pointed hat to remove the dirt, then put the paper ball to prevent the bag from being deformed, and wrap it in a plastic bag and store it in a cool and dry place. Place, it is best to put 1-2 mothballs to prevent insect bites.

                    2.regularly use the same color of the shoe cream to wipe the leather bag, so that the leather to keep bright and moist, to avoid the role of liquid shoe polish.

                    3.When applying the shoe polish to the leather, avoid applying the cream directly to the leather surface. Apply it to a soft cloth or sponge first.

                    4.If the leather bag gets wet, dry the water in the leather bag with a dry cloth, and then put it in a cool place, otherwise it will burst.

                     5.Do not wash with water and contact with chemical solvents when cleaning the bag.

                    6.use a moisture-proof bag when storing, you can always keep the bag dry; store in a cool and ventilated place, especially wet or damp leather bags, you can put a little moisture-proof beads in the bag when storing.

                    * Leather absorbs strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, high-grade frosted leather should pay special attention.

                    * Wipe dry with a clean towel once a week, wring it out, and wipe it several times.

                    * If there is stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean, moist sponge and warm detergent, then let it dry naturally. Try it out in an unobtrusive corner before you officially use it.

                    * If the beverage is overturned on leather, immediately dry it with a clean cloth or sponge and wipe it with a damp cloth to allow it to dry naturally. Do not blow dry with a blower.

                    * If it is greased, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and the rest will be naturally dissipated or cleaned with detergent. Do not scrub with water.

                    * If you find any holes or broken, do not repair it yourself, please contact a professional service person.

                    * Do not expose furniture to the sun, it will cause the leather to crack and fade.

                    Natural leather is mainly affected by wind and sun, dust pollution, rain, etc., the cortex becomes hard and the color is faded;

                    The maintenance method is to clean the moisture and dirt on the leather with a dry towel, clean it with a leather cleaning solution, and then apply a layer with a leather brightener. This will keep the leather goods soft and comfortable at all times. Do not overload the leather goods, avoid damage caused by friction with rough and sharp objects, avoid boiling in the hot sun, roast or squeeze, do not approach flammable products. Do not get wet, do not get close to acidic items, please use a soft cloth to avoid scratches and dirt.

                    Leather absorbs strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, high-grade frosted leather should pay special attention. If there is stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean, damp cotton cloth and a mild detergent, then allow it to dry naturally. Try it out in an unobtrusive corner before you officially use it.

                    The leather is wrinkled and can be ironed with an iron. The temperature can be controlled between 60 and 70 °C. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth to line the ironing cloth, and keep moving the iron.

                    The leather is tarnished and can be glazed with a leather polish. Do not rub with leather shoe polish. Generally one or two years - the second light, can maintain the softness and luster of the leather, and can extend the service life.

                    Leather is best used frequently and is often rubbed with a fine fleece. If you are exposed to rain or mildew, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off water or mildew.

                    If there is a drink on the leather, immediately dry it with a clean cloth or sponge, and wipe it with a damp cloth, let it dry naturally, and do not dry it with a hair dryer.

                    If it is stained with grease, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and the rest will be naturally dissipated, or cleaned with detergent. It can also be relieved with talcum powder and chalk dust. Do not scrub with water.

                    If the leather is damaged or damaged, please promptly ask the professional to repair it. If it is a small crack, the egg can be spotted at the crack and the crack can be bonded.

                    Leather goods can not be fired or exposed directly to the sun, which will cause the leather to deform, dry and fade.

                    Leather goods should be wiped with leather maintenance fluid. However, it should be noted that, depending on the cortex, it is best to ask the cortex before use, and then apply the maintenance solution to the bottom of the bag or the inside of the bag, etc. to test whether it can be applied.

                    When the leather goods are suede (deer skin, anti-fur, etc.), they are removed with a soft animal hair brush. Usually such leather goods are not easy to remove due to the spread of oily juice, so it is best to stay away from the accessory things including chewing gum or candy. When removing this kind of leather, be sure to wipe it gently to prevent the bag from being too white and leaving traces.

                    Because the paint is prone to cracks, it must be used with care. It is usually necessary to wipe it with a soft cloth like a handkerchief. If the leather has cracks, use a cloth dampened with a special grease and then gently wipe it.

                    [four] crocodile leather maintenance Daquan

                    Leather goods made with crocodiles, I believe that everyone often sees or hears, but do you know that crocodile leather goods, such as handbags, bags, as long as the sample is properly preserved, can be used for 50 years? Lange luxury leather care management software to discuss with you, crocodile leather care and maintenance.

                    Crocodile skin is also divided into three or six?

                    The crocodile skin is the same as the diamond, and the difference in size, color and origin determines the value of their disparity. Let's start with the best grade of crocodile category.

                    Porosus is the best grade of crocodile skin. Porosus is called the Bay Crocodile and is the largest crocodile species. The quality of the skin is the best and the highest value. The leather patterns are neat and tidy, and you can see the tiny pores carefully. The Porosus on the market is rare. LANA MARKS's POSITANO tri-color bag is made from the belly skin of the Porosus crocodile.

                    Crocodile is a second-grade premium crocodile skin. Crocodile is the best in the Americas and Africa, especially the Nile crocodile. Their abdomen is finely divided on average with a fine pore like a needle tip, and the ventral side is rounded.

                    Alligator is the third grade crocodile skin. Alligator is called the alligator, and the cortex is slightly less than Crocodile. It is most famous for the Mississippi alligator in the Americas. It is not as shiny as Crocodile and has no pores. However, because of its rich leather and rich patterns, it is also very popular. Especially suitable for mature and stable men's briefcases.

                    All grades of crocodile skin are optimal for the abdomen, followed by the ventral side, and the back and tail are the worst.

                    How to maintain crocodile leather handbags?

                    If you learn to take care of your crocodile leather handbag from now on, then it will be the best wedding gift for your daughter. Do not use chemical solvents, alcohol or ordinary leather care fluids to damage it, it will destroy the gloss of the protein surface, causing discoloration. The crocodile purse is not easy to dirty, just wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use shoe polish or wax glazing. Use only URAD or other professional leather care agents to gently wipe the dirt deep into the pores away from the sponge. The ingredients containing lanolin and palm sap provide more protection. The softness lost by the crocodile skin is restored, and moisture is added to prevent drying. Avoid the sun blowing, rain can only be wiped with a soft dry cloth, not a hair dryer to dry, wipe the direction of the scale. The inside of the bag is inserted into the vacuum liner or the stacking is left for a long time. A dust bag is essential. 

                    Luxury leather goods care, as long as the hand is good, the price is moderate, you can stand in the luxury of the leather goods care industry is invincible? Wrong, if there is no efficient and fast management, how to ensure the quality of the store? Bluege luxury leather care management software can help you.

                    Bluege luxury leather care management software senior members can erase the visual card printing, print the amount of consumption / stored value balance / points and other conditions printed on the card surface, truly let customers clearly understand consumption.

                    Remarks: The visual card identifies the data stored in the magnetic stripe card by the visual card printer. With the visual technology, a layer of visible surface that can be repeatedly printed can be made on the magnetic strip, so that each time When the magnetic stripe is operated, the changed content information can be printed, and the printed content can be erased and reprinted at the next use, thereby realizing the communication between the cardholder and the card.

                    [five] how to maintain high-grade leather goods

                    Once high-end leather goods, such as LV, Hermes, Gucci and other big brands of high-end leather goods are not ordinary people can touch, now there is a high-end leather goods is not a strange thing, then how to make your love bag, leather goods get correct Care and maintenance? The following blue-grade high-grade leather care software will introduce you in detail.

                     1.Always keep the bag dry and store it in a cool, ventilated place. Do not expose to chemical solvents such as exposure, fire, or water.

                    2. the bag is accidentally wet, do not dry directly under the sun, you can brave the towel to absorb the moisture, then put the newspaper or clean toilet paper into the bag

                    3.matte skin should avoid wet water, should be wiped with raw rubber or use special supplies to clean care.

                    4.protect all metal fittings, and then advanced accessories will also be oxidized due to humid high salt environment.

                    5.high-grade bags should be kept when not in use, it is best to save in the cotton bag, should not be placed in a plastic bag, it will be too dry and damaged leather.

                    6.high-end leather bags are used interchangeably, the same bag is used every day, it is easy to cause elastic fatigue of the leather, reducing the service life of the bag.

                    7.Spots: Use a clean sponge dampened with mild soap, white wine or alcohol to wipe off the dirt, then wipe with water, then let the leather dry naturally.

                    8.butter or grease: wipe off the surface of the grease with a clean rag, let the remaining oil slowly penetrate into the leather, do not rub the oil with water.

                    [six] how to care for patent leather shoes

                    Patent leather shoes are not difficult to see in daily life, and in leather care, the maintenance methods of patent leather shoes are similar to the maintenance methods of other leather shoes. Surface dust can be wiped with a clean shoe towel or a soft shoe brush. It can also be used with leather cleaners or cleaning creams, but not with brighteners or shoes. The following bluege senior shoe-shoes charging software introduces how to maintain patent leather shoes.

                    Maintenance method of patent leather shoes:

                    1.Replacement: Leather is elastic. Weather conditions such as hot sun and sweat can make the shoes expand and expand, and it takes a few days to dry. Sophod suggested: In order to extend the life of each pair of shoes, it is best to replace the shoes with a few pairs of shoes. The long-term wear of only one pair of shoes per day will accelerate the aging of the shoes. When placing shoes after drying, it is usually necessary to put some old newspaper paper balls in the shoes to support the hollow part of the shoes, to help the shoes to fix the complete shape, so that the next time wearing more comfortable.

                    2.Pay attention to cleaning: In case of bad weather such as rain and snow, you should use a soft cloth or paper towel to dry the moisture part of the damp and wipe off the mud on the surface as soon as possible. If there is a large mud block attached, you can use a cloth dipped in a little water and then gently wipe it clean. Leather is often more fragile than usual after damp, so when doing this, your movements must be gentle.

                    3.Regular maintenance: The frequency of shoe polish on leather shoes should not be too high, but it must not be omitted. In addition to the same color maintenance oil, in fact, some daily food also has leather maintenance functions. For example, after eating bananas, you can wipe the shoes with the inner side of the banana skin. When it is dry, the infiltrated shoes will regain its luster. If there is a crack on the surface of the shoe, you can use some candle powder to fill the grain, iron it with an iron, and then rub the same color shoe polish. However, because the temperature is difficult to master, if you encounter a situation that is difficult to solve, you can send it to the nearest Sofod leather shoe care store, and let the professional shoe repair master handle it.

                    [seven] artificial leather ingredients and leather care precautions

                    Artificial leather is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, adding appropriate amount of plasticizer, filler, stabilizer and other additives, and then blended into a lake, which is made through a series of processing. The main component of synthetic leather is polyurethane, which is dip coated on a non-woven fabric made of synthetic fibers and processed through a series of processes.

                    Clothing made from these two types of imitation leathers cannot be washed with organic solvents such as benzene, gasoline, and tetrachloroethylene. If so, these solvents change, crack, and harden, which are irreversible.

                    These two types of imitation leather products have various surface colors. Due to the continuous improvement of processing technology in recent years, the products produced can be confusing without careful study. This brings certain difficulties to the dry cleaning and the identification of leather care. Leather care notes are provided in the following blue leather care software.

                    In some winter men's outerwear, the manufacturer will add leather for decoration and wear-resistant at the elbow or the bottom of the pocket. For example, some women's jackets, manufacturers will also use leather strips for decoration in pockets, sleeves, etc., and when the leather on these garments is artificial leather or synthetic leather, it should be carefully before the clothes are received. Check and identify.

                    Some of the imitation leather parts of the garments with the above two types of imitation leathers, due to the processing technology, the edges of the imitation leather are mostly folded, which is difficult to observe, and it is convenient to identify the incisions and the inner parts of the leather. According to the observation of the leather surface part to distinguish it. The natural leather surface has a unique natural pattern, irregular, bright luster, the surface of the imitation leather is unnatural, more regular, the gloss is brighter, and the artificial wrinkle resets faster, that is, the anti-crease ability is stronger.

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