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by Anoop J - Thursday, 21 February 2019, 8:52 PM
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A Dispatch Engineer responds to clients’ requests for the repair, upkeep and setting up of computer equipment within an organization’s contracted service level agreements (SLAs) so that timelines are met, clients are satisfied, and all work performed has been completed as per manufacturers' guidelines and determined quality standards

Engineers should demonstrate expertise in all services, equipment and must be able to work on multiple systems simultaneously. They resolve and support their juniors in the field.

Engineers handle incoming calls from field engineers, adjust work to indicate customer changes, rectify errors, document customer account records, and close work orders. Transactions they handle will vary from rudimentary troubleshooting queries to fixing issues concerning the installation and service.

Dispatch engineers should have a bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science. They should possess adequate knowledge of database applications and software programming.

The salary of a dispatch engineer is $107,673 per year.

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