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In the month of winter, generally, women buy shawls to keep themselves warm all day. It is recommended to you always buy pure wool fabric shawls from the leading Kashmiri Shawl Manufacturers in India. During winter, you always wear woolen cloths, which keep you warm all day. It is very important for you after wearing woolen cloths you keep the dirt and stain free by washing them regularly. In this blog, you guys get an idea of how you can keep your Kashmiri Shawl clean so that you can use it in future.

In the winter season, people always are searching for the best Kashmiri Shawl Manufacturers in India. Kashmiri Lal Kasturi Lal & Co is the leading company provides the wide range of high-quality shawls, stoles, scarves, and wraps in pure wool to their endearing customers.

In the wardrobe of women’s, shawls are an important cloth, which provides warmth to its wearer all the time when it comes into the use. All you should have an idea that Kashmiri Shawl retains its beauty for many years so its cleaning is an important concern. If you clean the shawls wrongly then it can deteriorate the quality of your Kashmiri shawls. You need to keep one point in your mind that shawls are delicate products and need to be handled with care.

Here are some steps are given below which help you to determine how you can wash your pure quality Kashmiri Shawl:

Step1:  Firstly, you will need a bucket and detergent powder to wash the shawl wrap then you need to soak in water for around five to seven minutes. It’s a beginning step to remove dirty components from the shawls. Make it sure that detergent completely dissolved in water before you dip the shawl into the water.

Step2: After completing the few minutes of soak, try to hold your shawl carefully below the tap to wash out detergent. Be careful in this step, because the weight of water twist the texture of the material tries to hold it very comfortably from the middle section.

Step3: After proper cleaning of the shawls, then you need to hang it on wardrobe hanger. One of the important things you need to consider is that it is hanging straight to avoid distortions. When you go outside to make it dry, then it is advisable to hold it horizontally, this would be an ideal solution. Do not squeeze or twist your shawl to get rid of surplus water as it may damage the quality of your shawl.

These are the few things, which you all need to consider when you clean your good fabric shawls. Hopefully, the above-given steps will help you to wash all kind of fabric shawls at home. If you are thinking to buy Kashmiri Shawl, then it is recommendable you meet to the reputed Kashmiri Shawl Manufacturers in Amritsar to buy amazing quality products of your choice at a price that will not bust your budget.


In order to keep your shawls clean then you, all keep certain necessary things in your mind that do not wash Kashmiri Shawl in a washing machine. This will distort the fabric and ruin the quality of shawls. Kashmiri Shawl may lose their shape if you do not properly hand wash them.