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by rahman tutul - Monday, 13 January 2020, 12:04 AM
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In the last few years, men have given some serious thoughts about their looks, with classic styles of clothing, elegant hairstyles or the sassy beard styles.

With men flaunting their different beard styles, women were left crushing and appreciating their dapper and improved choice of looks.

The time has finally arrived when being concerned about your looks is not considered as a feminine thing anymore.

So, without the judgment crushing over, men are free to experiment with their looks, hair, and even beard. With time, different beard styles started many trends, and men were quick to react with best beard styles.

Beard styles are an important feature for every man to look up to. It not only attracts women but with the right style, it can also satisfy your own self and makes you feel good. After all who doesn’t want to look dapper and attractive?

And finding oneself attractive is the most important part of your entire looks and style.

Here is a quick look into the popular beard choices men around the globe are following recently or some evergreen ones still proving to its timelessness.

long beard and mustache

Want to get a long beard and mustache, Verdi can be the right pick for you. If you haven’t noticed, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Fawad Khan have had this beard style in recent times. Though the style along with its name is basically derived from the late Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi in the 19th century, the trend still is carried on.

How to grow a Verdi?

While growing a Verdi you will need to keep certain things in mind. As the style is a combination of a neat mustache, rounding at the edges, thick but short facial hair across chin and jawline creating a rounded bottom under the chin area, and a strap of hair just forming above your chin but not going up entirely under your lip line.

You will need to grow a full beard to have perfection, and then shape it up in accordance, especially the rounded chin with almost no hair on your cheeks.

Ideal Face Types For Verdi

Verdi looks perfect on triangular faces.

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