Blog entry by Adam Swann

Anyone in the world

You might be thinking that telling about yourself to others is something very easy.

But is it really so?

Well, how hard it would be? After all, nobody knows best about you than yourself!

However, people get tongue-tied when a recruiter asks them this question “tell me about yourself in an interview.

How to prepare for interview question tell me about yourself

So, where to begin?

Attending an interview without any preparation will not help you land the job interview. So your first stage should be preparing for the interview and researching about the company.

You can opt for any of the sources while preparing for interviews. In these days, you can find almost everything related to interview preparation on the web so make good use of it.

Also researching about the company would help you understand the goals and vision of the company. While preparing will give you an idea on how to answer the questions.

Even if the hiring manager does not ask you this question, it is always a better option to prepare an answer in advance so that you just don’t confuse yourself when this question pops up from the interviewer’s mouth.

Now let us begin with few tips. to help you through with one of the most dreaded questions in the recruiting process.