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Are you worried about “adding reference lists in Vancouver referencing style”? Simply read through the following suggestions listed below, and consider implementing the same in your papers. D

- Always remember, you should never use the symbol “&”in between the names of the authors.

- You can use capital letters for the words that come in capitalized format.

- You should only use capital letters while writing the first word in a sentence. The name of the books and journals should not be placed or italicized in a quotation. Hire essay writer to ease your task.

- Page numbers are meant to be abbreviated to “p”. For example, pages 22-28 would be written as p. 22-28.

More Examples

Journal Article: Fernandez C. The world of medicine: of ancient ages and the modern times. Journal of Medical Science. 2001 Apr2; 31(2):37-82.

Electronic Journal Article: Smith D, Dawson B, Miller S, Lewis C, Walker R, Crawford G, et al. The role of paramedics in general healthcare[Internet]. 2011 Feb [cited 2001 Feb 26]; 51(2):11-6. Available from: DOI: 11.1004/jcu.28880

Book: Crawford P, Brown G, Warne J. The history of vaccination. D. Becker & Sons; 2001 Apr 16.

Now that you know how to use Vancouver style citation in academic works, make it a point to implement each of the strategies mentioned above. Reference to perfection and score the best grades.

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