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Google Ventures

In the principal quarter of 2013 alone, Google burned through $291 million on acquisitions. Wha what!? Notwithstanding its acquisitions, Google additionally has an endeavor store called Google Ventures. In this blog entry, I'm going to investigate the sites having a place with a couple of organizations under the Google Ventures umbrella. In principle, these are organizations where Google has some 'skin in the game.' By auditing organizations where Google has a stake in the result, I want to give in any event two or three bits of knowledge you can use to improve your own site and web nearness.

On the off chance that Google possessed your organization…


The organizations under the Google Ventures umbrella originate from a wide range of businesses—from application designers to programming and Internet showcasing organizations to HVAC controls. As you may expect, there is no single, overall site type or design seen over every one of the organizations under the Google Ventures Digital Marketing Services in Chennai .

I'm not a website specialist, so I don't have the foggiest idea if this format has a name. To me, it's sort of the 2013 web 2.0 standard design.

In the event that your business creates leads from the web and Google claimed your organization Digital Marketing Agency in Gurugram , I believe it's protected to state that your website would have your organization logo in the upper left corner, a telephone number in the upper right corner, a level route over the pennant, an enormous standard with in any event one suggestion to take action (CTA), a truly long look to the base of the page, and a huge footer with an extra route menu.

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