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After hundreds of hours of Destiny 1 and many hours of Destiny 2, it still feels great to dismantle a mob like this, and Bungie shooter expertise translates surprisingly well onto PC. Mouse and keyboard controls, combined with a stable 60 fps of performance, adds an extra sense of control and fluidity. My experience with the PC version has been excellent. Destiny 2 has extensive settings menus that let you gear the game to your rig.

Destiny 2 became a ghost town. During the few weeks that we logged in, matchmaking times had gone up and the worlds felt empty without as many friends to help. Our own friends and fireteam members moved onto other games for months, something that hasn’t happened since. It seemed like the first several nails had been hammered into Destiny coffin, and that getting the player base interested again would take some serious work.

Though there is plenty you can do on your own, Destiny 2 is undeniably better as a shared experience. That can come on many different levels; you can work silently with complete strangers to trigger a heroic public event that gets you all better loot, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, you can coordinate with five friends for hours on end to tackle the Raid. You can also join a Clan, which can grant you a number of passive benefits, like legendary gear, as long as someone in your Clan is meeting certain milestones.

Destiny 2 is a first person shooter game because the main thing you do is shoot aliens with a gun from a first-person perspective. That said, the point of Destiny 2 is to play virtual dress-up. Your main action is shooting, but you are doing it because you want better gear, a more powerful shotgun, or a stronger helmet, or some really sweet looking gloves. This gear is known in gaming as loot, and it is what defines Destiny 2.

Players will find tons to keep them busy, from the story, adventures, and quests, to competitive multiplayer in the Crucible and the return of three-person Strikes. Bungie has designed some cool missions that don’t just take you through a series of alien-filled rooms that lead to a big bullet sponge of a boss fight. Each mission pushes you to raid enemy encampments, defend positions, drive vehicles, and explore for secrets. Strikes do have a tendency to get old in a hurry, since there aren’t all that many in the rotation even after two expansions, but for the most part, the content is fun to play and to occasionally revisit.

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