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What is Ontario PNP?

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) is Canada’s most renowned Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of the Canadian province, Ontario. Although, Ontario is rich in resources, the only sector it faces shortage is, labor. The Program targets skilled and experienced immigrants in order to meet labor market demands of Ontario. The OINP selects the candidates from Express Entry pool and nominates them to IRCC for Canadian permanent residency.


Major streams for immigration in OINP?

Following are the different OINP immigration streams offered by the province, for applicants who have skills and experience, to make valuable contribution to the development and economy, of the province:


1.       Ontario Express Entry

·         Ontario Express Entry: Human capital priorities stream.

·         Ontario Express Entry: French-speaking skilled worker stream.

2.       General category (Employer category)

·         Foreign workers with a job offer stream.

3.       International student category

·         International students with a job offer stream.

·         International students-Master graduate stream.

·         International student-Ph.D. graduate stream.

4.       Business category

·         Entrepreneur stream.

·         Corporate stream.


Find out Ontario PNP eligibility?

The province has a fairly high eligibility criterion and is roughly same for all OINP streams. The general eligibility requirements are:

·         A full time job offer in any NOC category – 0, A or B. The employer must also submit immigration documents for the applicant from their end.

·         The applicant is required to have a minimum educational qualification for the job.

·         The applicant must score at least a band 7 in ILETS & CLB language ability exam.

·         The applicant must have at least 1 year of work experience or more, as defined by the employer.

·         The applicant must intent to live in Ontario and should be able to demonstrate the same.

·         A minimum CRS score of 400. The score must also be maintained throughout the application processing, selecting and immigration phase.

There are two ways through which skilled workers can get selected for Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP). The first being, to have a valid job offer from an Ontario employer and the second, that requires the applicant to have the right skill set that are currently in demand, in Ontario.

The province releases a National Occupational Classification (NOC) list which mentions occupations that are facing shortage in the labor market. To be eligible, the applicant must have their occupation present in the Ontario PNP occupation list. Immigrants who have valid experience in these profiles are called up by the province, through its PNP.



Certain main steps to follow when applying for Ontario PNP occupation and permanent residency:

·         Make sure you qualify.

·         Apply to be nominated by the Ontario Government.

·         Once nominated, apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence through IRCC.

Ontario is the most preferred province in Canada and provides various growth opportunities for immigrants. The OINP unlike other provinces does not operate under any Expression of Interest model (EOI system) to which the applicants are directly selected by the program. Combined with the Express Entry system, the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is the fastest way to immigrate to Ontario.

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Microsoft office setup provides you with a variety of applications and versions, which are compatible with your devices. You have to access the website of Microsoft Office to purchase the Microsoft office setup.

While setting up your Microsoft office setup in your devices from, you will get to know that Microsoft offers you the variety of Microsoft applications along with the best suitable version for your devices. You can purchase, download, install and activate the office setup from by accessing your “Office My Account”.

When you install the Microsoft office setup in your devices there are some errors, which interrupt the installation process. One of the most discussed and common error while installing office setup is “The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be accessed” error. This error occurs when you try to install a program for the Windows 7 version.

Symptoms of having the specific error:-

“The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed” error occurs when you have not installed the Windows Installer correctly. You can contact your support personnel for assistance. This error also occurs due to the following:-

· You have removed a program that uses the Microsoft Installer Service before you try to install the Office 365 Setup.

· The Windows Installer Service is not running in the computer properly.

· The Corrupted or incorrectly configured registry settings of The Windows Installer.

Solution to eradicate the specific error:-

The error to wherein “the windows installer service could not be accessed” for installing the office setup can be solved by the methods, mentioned below:-

· You can start the Windows “Installer Services”

· Uninstall any programs on the computer, if you have installed it earlier.

Steps to start the “Windows Installer Service”:-

1. Click Start, type CMD in the dialog box for Search programs and files.

2. Under the Programs, “right-click cmd.exe”, click “Run as Administrator”.

3. Now, type “net start MSI Server” and then click “Enter”.

4. Restart the installation process for the program that you wish to install for your device. | Enter Office Key | Setup Office

Note:  You can check whether the “Windows Installer Service” is running or not. You can perform the following steps:-

1. Click on “Start”, in the search box, type “services.msc”.

2. Under the “Programs”, click “Services”.

3. In the list, you have to click “Windows Installer”, click “Properties”.

4. Check whether the value is set to Manual in the “Startup type” drop-down list.

5. If the “Service status” entry is set to “Running”, the “Windows Installer Service” is running.

Steps to Uninstall any programs on the computer:-

1. Click “Start”>”Control Panel”> “Uninstall a Program”.

2. Now, select the program, which you want to install from the list.

3. Click “Uninstall” and then follow the on-screen instruction or prompts to uninstall the application.

4. Restart the computer to see whether the changes you have made are according to you.

5. To install the program in your devices you have to now, “Restart” the installation process.

6. Wait patiently while the installation process gets completed.




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